Saturday, 18 September 2010

Having the trike back

My trike's been in for service for a wee while now, but I finally picked it up from my local bike shop today. Having taken it out in the snow and ice quite a lot over the New Year period (attempting (& succeeding) to master powersliding through corners) & put it away to move house, I neglected to removed the corrosive grime. Which killed the chain completely...
Actually, it's 3 chains joined together, so replacement tends to get a wee bit pricey...
Anyway, all is mended & functioning & lubed now & it's riding fairly well. I just need to sort the gearing now. The main problem is the wee 16" wheels, which make storage very easy, but getting decent gears fairly difficult. The trike is set up with a triple chainring (30-40-52), an 11-25 9-speed cassette and a Dual Drive hub gear (3-speed: -33%, straight through & +33%). This gives a decent range of gears (15.4"-103.5") & 81 gears, so no shortage of choice, however, most of them are squished in the bottom end of that range: I have 6 gears that are less than 20"; 23 (total) that are less than 30"; & a total of 42 that are less than 40". Given that coming home today, I was carrying over 10kg of luggage & only got down to about a 40" gear on a 6% slope, it might be a trifle under geared...
I'm lucky to have a good local bike shop who know me & are happy to look at solutions for problems I have with my "strange bikes." They are currently checking whether the front mech post will accommodate a 62t chainring & then how I can lose the granny ring (which is 104mm BCD, with the others being 135mm). This would give me a 19-123" gearing range, which is far more sensible & means I won't spin out at the first sign of a reasonable hill. The alternative to this is a Schlumpf high-speed drive, which are expensive & might not be happy working with my Dual Drive hub gear. Still, I don't need to check that out yet!
All that notwithstanding, the trike is a hugely enjoyable ride & it's no slouch either!
I've recently got a Garmin Edge 705, so will attempt to use it on my three main machines to compare & contrast speeds over my commute & post the differences up here.

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